Six Short Years

My husband and I celebrated our sixth anniversary this last weekend. We are typically a simple dinner and Netflix show at home date kind of couple so I decided for our anniversary to try to come up with something creative and fun to do. My parents were so gracious to take our kids for the night so the sky was really the limit.

The kids left in the early afternoon so the first matter of business was a nap. I'm an early bird and my husband is a night owl, so getting on the same schedule was kind of necessary. I then came up with an original idea that was so fun. We headed to Walmart (you could totally do this at Target or any other superstore. A thrift store would also be really fun)! We split up the years we have been married, I took the even years and he took the odd years and we had 20 minutes and $25 to find an item that reminded us of each year of our marriage. It was certainly a challenge to use our imaginations but was fun to walk down memory lane together while telling the other why we chose the items we did.

We then went to Just Add Chocolate to learn the skill of chocolate making. Have you been there? It was so fun to learn something new together and have a treat that we had made together. After our chocolate workshop, we went to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants and finished the night with our anniversary tradition of driving around taking turns choosing the cheesiest love songs from the 80s we can think of. It was a great weekend thinking about the wonderful life we are building together. I'm so grateful for my awesome husband.

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