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We just took a short trip with our kids and my family for the holiday weekend. It was so much fun! We went skiing, sledding, played games, watched movies and of course ate good food. I thought I would share a few tips today about food while you're away from home.

Meals and snacks while traveling can be tricky and expensive. If we chose to eat out every meal for our family of five that would add up really quickly and personally I'd rather spend our travel budget on activities and experiences. It is a much more affordable way to eat if you plan ahead of time. This may seem daunting, I get it, but if you already have a meal plan in place for the month it's actually pretty easy. Here's what I did.

At the beginning of the month when planning our meals, I knew we were going to be out of town for a few days so I automatically added that into my monthly plan. I knew what activities were happening and that because

we were staying in a house as opposed to a hotel that I would have access to basic kitchen tools. Then I grocery shopped just like I do every week. When traveling with a group we generally like to either divide the meals between the families or in this case, I bought the food the others didn't already have and we split the cost. It worked really well.

In addition to our planned meals, I simply took what needed to be eaten from our fridge and pantry so nothing would go bad while we were gone. We used these for snacks, side dishes, and easy lunches on

the go. Another thing we did was save any disposable containers to store leftovers. At the end of the trip, we divided up what was left to take home. This makes for easy dinner when you get home from a day on the road and eliminates a lot of waste. The last thing I did that made a huge difference was in the car on the way home I ordered my groceries to be delivered so I could focus on getting our laundry done, everything unpacked, and getting back into our regular routine today.

I hope these tips are helpful and next time you go on an adventure you don't have to feel overwhelmed planning food for the road.

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