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Mind Body Kitchen is a business focused on meal planning, productivity and fitness designed to help busy individuals live more balanced lives so they can spend time doing the things they love and less time on their daily to do lists.




 My name is Jaycee. I'm a wife, mother of three amazing kids, I'm an ultra planner and a low key control freak. I am passionate about mental health, empowering others to live the lives they've always wanted, and leaving the world a better place than I found it. 

I enjoy living an organized life because it has given me more time to spend with people I love, doing the things I love and less time on the day to day of being a stay at home parent. I want to help you do the same. You have a lot to do and I am here to help you meal plan, grocery shop, exercise, create self care routines, keep your house tidy and manage your time, so you can accomplish so much more than you ever dreamed possible.

what can you expect from our meal plans?

I offer meal plans tailored to fit your specific needs. Each recipe is tried and true in my own kitchen by my family. All plans include easy to put together, balanced meals with a main entree plus a few seasonal ideas for additional sides. Included each month are several cook once, freeze several more batch meals for those busy nights that all of us have. To see specifics on each meal plan visit the meal plan page!

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what about the fitness plans?

I also offer fitness plan ideas. We have some original plans, but I also have put together a list of some of my favorite apps, youtube channels and companies that I have personally tried and loved. I have options for both the gym rat and living room dancer. Check out more information on the fitness page. 

Coming Soon!

and what about your productivity tips?

As a mom you have to fill mulitple roles. You become a chef, a nurse, a chauffer, a therapist, a maid, an accountant, the CEO of your home, I could go on and on. Who couldn't use a few helpful hints from a fellow mom who is in the trenches doing it right along with you? In this course I will share with you some things that have helped save me time and my sanity over and over again.

Coming Soon!
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